Trip to Antarctica, Patagonia, and Argentina

Cindy and I spent six weeks in Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia, and Antarctica in early 2008. Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls we did on our own. The Antarctica part of the trip was the "Explorer's Route" trip by Quark Expeditions. Finally, we spent 2 weeks hiking around Patagonia with World Expeditions.

Here is a selection of our favorite 76 photos and videos from our trip.

Here are lots more photos and videos from the trip, arranged by place in case you want to see photos from only part of the trip (for example, Patagonia only).

Here are 5 photographs from each photographer on the Antarctica part of the trip.

If you cannot view the videos

If you can't view the videos, try installing Quicktime. Also good to have is the free VLC media player, which can play just about any media.

My new video camera shoots video in MPEG4 (.MP4) format, which gives beautiful results. Unfortunately, even though MPEG4 is a standard (and is much better quality than older standards), it is not yet well supported on all platforms (especially Windows), so you might need to install some (free) software.

A Few Video Highlights:

Riding under Iguazu Falls in a speedboat (0:36)
Rockhopper Penguins diving off a cliff into the surf (1:31)
Albatross mating dance (1:03)
Baby Gentoo penguins playing with us (4:33)
Elephant seals in a big pile (0:33)
The sea erupting with hundreds of leaping seals and penguins (0:48)
Adelie penguin chicks chasing an adult to get fed (1:30)
Iceberg calving from Perito Moreno Glacier (1:10)