Lucky Eight

Becket Formation, Multiple Progression, don't have a multiple of 8 couples in a line

written by Wm Leler, inspired by "Unlucky 7" by Al Olsen

A1. Ladies Alemande Right 1 1/2 (in center) (8)
Neighbor Swing (short) (8)
A2. Circle Left once around (8)
A2. Long lines forward and back
... as you come back
Turn Away from your (old) neighbor
B1. Right hand to your (next) neighbor
Grand Right and Left (8 times)
Around set as big oval, including ends
After eight times, ladies will be facing in
B2. Ladies cross over, by right shoulder (2)
Partner Swing (long) (14)

Like all good contra dances, this one is based on a story:

A long time ago, Cindy was best friends with Yvette (ladies alemande right).
Yvette met Wm and they dated a little while (neighbor swing).
Yvette, Wm and Cindy did things together (circle left, long lines F&B).
But Yvette and Wm went their separate ways (turn away),
and Wm and Cindy didn't see each other for 8 long years (grand R&L).
Until one day, Cindy saw Wm at a party (ladies cross).
And they danced happily ever after (partner swing)!

Some people say that when Cindy crosses over to Wm, she should give him a shoulder rub before swinging with him, but that part is up to you!