Burning Man 1995

Photographs by Wm Leler. Do not make copies of these pictures, or link to individual photos. Please just enjoy them on this web page. Links to the entire page are fine.

Burning Man takes place every Labor Day Weekend in the Black Rock Desert of northwestern Nevada. If you want more information, Burning Man has its own home page and archives.

Camping on the playa (we are the blue van with the black flag at the far edge of civilization).

Home on the range. Lynne models her bunny slippers.

Wm standing guard above camp.

Alternate modes of transportation.

Art cars.

Create your own art car.

Desert fashion.

Crucified with Elvis. The cigarette is optional.

Shopping at the mall.

Doing the polka (keeping abreast of the latest dance moves).

The disgruntaled postal workers prepare to deliver the mail.

Backstage at the fashion show. Notice the whip.

An approching storm.

The tiki hut during a windstorm.

After the storm.

Post-rain mud romp.

Here's a great photo by Bill Boyd of the same scene, taken seconds later. I'm in his photo, and he is in mine!

The water woman with strategically placed shower head (water colored yellow or red on request).

The man burns.

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