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Date: Fri, 09 Feb 96 20:52:33 -0800



Dear editor,

I have read you're thoughts about Cuba from your experience there.  My opinions are 

very much the same that you have.  However, I do not see Castro as any type of a jerk. 

 I actually see him the way that most of Latin America sees him as, a hero.  He is a 

man who has been pressured into so many things.  It was not his fault that he had to 

turn to the Soviets after the revolution.  By this he, of course, became an enemy of 

the U.S.  But how could Castro possibly have turned to the U.S.?  And if he had tried 

to stay neutral, he would have been invaded by the U.S. in what would have probably 

been a total U.S. invasion on Cuba.  Kennedy was totally wrong in trying to "get the 

communism out of the western hemisphere."  If you ask a Cuban if they would go back in 

time to save JFK, trust me, they wouldn't do it.

I am not Cuban but Mexican and live in Las Vegas.  However, since I am not a citizen 

but just a resident, I still have a Mexican passport.  This is how I went to Cuba in 

the summer of 1994.  I missed all the initial O.J. hype while over there for 8 days.  

I don't hate the U.S., however.  I actually love the U.S. even though I am originally 

from Mexico.  In Cuba I visited the city of Havanna.  The people are just the same way 

you described them.  Personally I don't think that the U.S. will ever pass an even 

stronger embargo on Cuba because it is just inhumane.  The hate for Castro has all 

been derived by delirious anti-communists of the early sixties.  What I really cannot 

understand is how you would say that the Cuban-American anti-Castros have a right to 

be against Castro.  Let me tell your why:

If the revolution had never happened, they would still be the little 5% of the 

population with good land and money.  The other 95%???  Starving, dying, and getting 

their balls cut off and tied around their neck if they opposed this government.  This 

is TRUE.  I've talked to people who were there before, during, and after the 

revolution.  So tell me now if these stupid Cuban-Americans in southern Fla. are 

correct.  They can't be and never will be.  Anywhere Castro goes, except here, he is 

applaused by people and admired.  Call me a revolutionary or a communist but remember 

that I do believe in America and capitalism but never in doing the wrong thing.

I hope you don't think that I have anything against you.  Ever since that summer of 

1994, I have thought of this whole issue quite a bit.

Hope you write me back if you know any other things on all this.


                                               R. Teon

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