Pictures From the Galapagos

See even more photos from my more recent trip to the Galapagos.

The Galapagos are the most amazing place we have ever been. Not only are there many unique species, found no where else in the world, but also most of the animals have lived for thousands of years with no predators. This makes them completely unafraid of humans. They are not tame, but for the most part they are as curious about you as you are about them.

It is quite an experience to go swimming and have a family of Sea Lions come up to play with you. Or watch some Penguins splash by. We even had a pair of White-tipped Reef Sharks circle us less than two meters away. Even though there have never been any shark attacks in the Galapagos, it made our adrenaline pump!

On land, you have to watch out to avoid stepping on Iguanas. Boobies build their nest right in the middle of the trail, and seem unconcerned as you step over them. We both experienced a strong feeling of harmony with other animals and nature, almost like being in the Garden of Eden.

Galapagos Tortoise on Santa Cruz Island.

Masked Boobie with newborn chick on Genovesa.

With no fear of humans, this Boobie built her nest right on the trail.

Traffic in the Galapagos.

Our favorite marine iguana.

Sally Lightfoot Crab.

Sea Lion pup nursing.

Great Blue Heron with volcano.

Blue-footed Boobie.

Sleeping Iguana on Española.

On some of the islands, the Marine Iguanas are brightly colored, like this one.

Sea Turtle sex.

There is a couple in the center, surrounded by competing males.

Female Lava Lizard.

Frigate Bird feeding frenzy.

Frigate birds have the greatest wingspan to weight ratio of any bird. They are fantastic fliers, but they have no protective oil on their feathers so they cannot swim in the water like pelicans or boobies. They make their living stealing fish from other birds (and humans).

Male Great Frigate bird (with inflated red throat pouch) with potential mate hovering overhead checking him out.

Your basic friendly Iguana.

Galapagos Stingless Bee.

Without any predators, even the bees have lost their natural defences (yes, this bee is alive).

Lisa snorkeling with the Penguins.

Even though the Galapagos Islands lie directly on the equator and are quite hot, there are penguins.

This beach ain't big enough for the bunch of us.

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