Here are more pictures from our Hallowe'en Party, taken by Bart Locanthi with his digital camera.

See the invitation.

Pictures from last year's party (with the infamous kitty litter cake!)

Ouisie checks out a decoration.

When in doubt go for the eyes!

Got one!

Boots...I LOVE boots! My middle name isn't Imelda for nothing!

The engineer makes sure everything is to spec.

Of course we didn't tell him about the nuclear fallout in the back room.

"I came prepared for the hot tub"

"Here, try my thinking cap, it will help."

Try a little punch? (the punch is coming out of a vein in the severed arm)

"Honnneyy, you're looking mighty fine!"

Watch out for the aliens in the hot tub!

Of course our alien friends are very civilized out of the water.

Look what I caught...RRRROOOOOWWWRRR!

Purrrr.. a gift for meeee-oooww?

Birdbrain finds himself a friend amongst all these cool cats

Unfortunately, Vinnie can't handle the excitement.

Be scared..............be very scared!


.....and After consuming mass quantities!

He caught her eye across the crowded dance floor... a match made in heaven - the perfect couple for the Monster Mash.

The spirit of Ray Charles plays them a tune on the piano.

All eyes were upon them.

Give her a hand for a party well done!