Photos from Camp Harmony 1997-98

Camp Harmony is a Music camp held for 5 nights every New Years in the redwoods north of Santa Cruz. It is a time for getting together with friends, playing music, laughing, singing, dancing, flirting, cuddling, and generally having a blast.

A new way to play? Four-handed bass!

On New Year's Eve, everyone dresses up for dinner.

The food is delicious!

The finest in "hot" (haute?) cuisine!

A grand time is had by all.

Visits from fairies.


Friends Yael and David

Ellen and Bruce

Mona and Michael

Missy with unknown fingers

Lisa and Wm with Terry at midnight

Toward the end of camp, things start getting silly.  There are "puppy piles".

The stuffed pig starts snuffling around Michael's crotch.

What have we here????

Kiss you where?

A proper camp kiss.