The Big Island of Hawaii

Please also see the photos from my trip to Hawaii in 2005.
I was able to get even more amazing shots of flowing lava, plus new photos of dolphins and turtles.

Photos from my trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in February 2000 with Dina Franz. We stayed with my niece Anna and her boyfriend Corey in Captain Cook (on the Kona side) and my niece Shawna in Hilo. Highlights of the trip included snorkeling (photos at the end), hiking in valleys with no roads, the amazing flora, and two long hikes (half by night) to see active lava flows.

Click on any image to see the full sized version. All photos taken with a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, unretouched in any way, except for the last 12, 8 of which were taken with a Nikon FE2, and 4 of which were taken with a cheap, disposable underwater camera.

There are three animations of lava flowing. Click on the thumbnail to see the animation, or click here to see all three animations strung together (1.5 MB download).

Ahu'ena Heiau (Kailua)
156k 1024x768
Anna and Corey at Pololu
167k 1024x768
"Take Those Off!"
168k 1024x768
Pololu Valley
243k 768x1024
Dina the Nymph
314k 768x1024
Mule Riders
334k 768x1024
Rock Cairn
314k 768x1024
Corey and Anna
226k 768x1024
Tree Roots
188k 1024x768
Sunset at Hapuna Beach
159k 1024x768
Wm and Dina
164k 1024x768
Corey with hand in spring
177k 1024x768
Hapuna Beach
164k 1024x768
Outrigger Canoe
277k 768x1024
Dina and Friends
221k 768x1024
Beach Guardian
216k 768x1024
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau
295k 768x1024
Ka Lae (South Point)
156k 1024x768
Furthest South in USA
169k 1024x768
159k 1024x768
Lava on Pali (cliffs)
159k 1024x768
Buried Road
230k 768x1024
Pahoehoe Lava
189k 1024x768
Sulfur Vent
163k 1024x768
Active Lava Tubes
165k 1024x768
Lava Flow
173k 1024x768
Different Angle
169k 1024x768
A Few Seconds Later
178k 1024x768
Active Lava on the Pali
179k 1024x768
Top of Pali and Mauna Loa
157k 1024x768
Endangered Nene Geese
173k 1024x768
Nene Goose
192k 768x1024
Kilauea and HaleMa'uma'u
156k 1024x768
Holei Sea Arch
287k 768x1024
Lava like Turtle
188k 1024x768
Colorful Lava Flows
190k 1024x768
Plume where Lava Enters Ocean
162k 1024x768
Chunks of Boiling Lava
164k 1024x768
Lava Tumulus
174k 1024x768
Dina on Pahoehoe
178k 1024x768
Lava Toes
186k 1024x768
Pele's Hair
175k 1024x768
Pahoehoe Flow
168k 1024x768
Ferns in Lava
167k 1024x768
179k 1024x768
Cooling Lava (still red hot)
172k 1024x768
Lava Vents
175k 1024x768
Lava Vent
171k 1024x768
Pahoehoe and A'a Flows
174k 1024x768
View down Active Flow
315k 768x1024
Active Lava Tube
166k 1024x768
Lava Tube
243k 768x1024
A'a Lava Flow
183k 1024x768
Lava Tube
168k 1024x768
Active Tube and Plume
170k 1024x768
186k 1024x768
308k 768x1024
Lava fall
128k 1024x768
From about 10 Feet Away
137k 1024x768
Spreading Out
127k 1024x768
Animation 1
398k 480x640
Animation 2
706k 480x640
Animation 3
440k 640x480
From about 5 Feet Away
129k 1024x768
160k 1024x768
Bromeliad in Banyan Tree
186k 1024x768
Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden
263k 768x1024
Dina and Haliconia
283k 768x1024
317k 768x1024
Huge Red Banana Leaf
183k 1024x768
174k 1024x768
325k 768x1024
Fern Fiddlehead
246k 768x1024
Screw Pine
277k 768x1024
Cat's Whiskers
244k 768x1024
185k 1024x768
Passion Flower
168k 1024x768
Pond with Koi
191k 1024x768
Spathophylum (Peace Lily)
176k 1024x768
195k 1024x768
Cannonball Tree
350k 768x1024
183k 1024x768
Rainbow Falls (Hilo)
190k 1024x768
Waipio Valley
240k 768x1024
Beach Guardian and Friend
48k 507x695
Underwater Fish
74k 658x617
Turtle (from above)
79k 716x445
Turtle (from below)
29k 760x264
Swimming Turtle
77k 735x506
Swimming Turtle
75k 749x533
Hiking to see Lava
42k 673x486
New Black Sand Beach
85k 709x478
Lots of Lava!
89k 870x636
Hot Lava!
86k 828x588
Plume at Night
6k 655x356
Steaming Lava!
67k 754x441

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