Wm and Cindy's Trip to the Middle East

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WARNING: There are a few photos from Amsterdam that are slightly NSFW

Cindy and Wm spent five weeks traveling around the Middle East in November and December 2011, with a stop on the way over in Amsterdam. We spent an incredible 3 weeks in Egypt, traveling from top to bottom, seeing not just the ancient monuments, but also Moslem, Coptic (Christian), and even Jewish Egypt. Not to mention protests in Tahrir Square. Then we spent 5 days in Jordan (we wish it could have been longer) visiting Wadi Rum (where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed), the amazing Petra, and other sights. Finally, we spent a week in Jerusalem, with day trips to Bethlehem and Ein Gedi (by the Dead Sea).

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Cairo I


Lake Nasser

Abu Simbel

Aswan to Luxor



Cairo II

Sinai Penninsula

Wadi Rum


Misc Jordan


Jerusalem I


Jerusalem II

Ein Gedi

Jerusalem III