This page is but a single signpost in the search for unusual and amazing music.

Wm's music mailing list

I maintain a mailing list for announcements of unusual music events in the Portland, Oregon area. This list is meant to be low volume — no popular music events, no discussions of any kind, no events so far away you wouldn't drive to them. Anyone on the list can post announcements of music events. If you are not in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon, this list will not be very interesting to you. Me personally, I'm looking for ethnic / world music and dance, the kind of stuff you hear in the best concerts at the NorthWest Folklife Festival or WOMAD.

Links to other music resources

Lauren Wiener's Mongrel Music site. Lauren defines mongrel music as music produced by the intermixing of breeds of music from around the world. Every month she posts her top finds.

With a subscription to RHYTHM magazine you get a CD each month containing a sampler of the latest world and ethnic music.

The Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS). The kind of music you hear at contra dances and such.

Caroline Klug and Erik Weberg maintain a web site and mailing list for Portland dance events.

My favorite music

Brave Combo — this is the band that originally did it for me: convinced me that there was a whole new kind of music out there made possible by mixing seemingly disparate styles of music, played with sincerity, energy, and downright fun.

The HorseFlies ("demented, post-modern mountain music").

Anzanga (African Marimba).

Rouge (French cafe).

Almost any band with Jeremiah McLane in it.