Wm's Photo Albums

There are also newer photo albums stored in Google Photos.


Hawaii 2005 (dolphins, turtles, lava)
New Zealand
Waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge
Hawaii Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
Cuba 2001
Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands
Southern Arizona and Monterey
The Big Island of Hawaii
Bali and Java
Cuba 1995

Music and Dance

dancing Westwind 2006
NorthWest Passage Dance Camp 2004
NorthWest New Year's Camp 2003
Danceable Feast 2003
Chehalis 2003
Cascade Contras 2003
St. Croix Tropical Dance Vacation 2003
Camp Harmony 2002
Suttle Lake 2002
Cascade Contras 2002
Florida Rhapsody 2001
Balkanalia! 2001
Portland Dawn Dance 2001 with Big Table
Those Darn Accordions Dance in the Desert 2000 (Arizona)
Suttle Lake 2000
Balkanalia! 2000
Sierra Swing 2000 (California)
Cascade Contras 2000
Chehalis camp (British Columbia) 1999
OktoberFest 1999 with Brave Combo and Those Darn Accordions
Balkanalia! 1999
Suttle Lake 1999
Portland Dawn Dance 1999 (contra dance all night!)
Camp Harmony (music camp near Santa Cruz)

Portland Polka Party

2005 Polka Party
2005 Polka Party publicity shots
PDX Polka Party 2004
PDX Polka Party 2003
PDX Polka Party 2002
2001 A Polka Oddity
Polka Fools Y2K
The PolkaDoubts (my band)

Club Dead


I have a Hallowe'en party every year and go crazy decorating my house.
Hallowe'en 2005
Hallowe'en 2004
Hallowe'en 2003
Hallowe'en 2002
Hallowe'en 2001
Hallowe'en '99
Hallowe'en '98
Santa's Helpers Hallowe'en '97


SantaCon 2005
SantaCon 2004
Birthday Bingo
Burning Man '95
Santa Rampage '01
Santa Rampage '98
Santa Rampage '96


Cindy and Wm's wedding
My home remodel
Xon's Christmas 2001
My girlfriend, her son, and sister
Banff Oregon Country Fair 2001
Wm's birthday party 2000
Alan's Birthday Party at Rankin Ranch
OFA Ferret Fair '99
Hot Air balloons
Christmas 1999
Christmas Cookies
Banff workshop on Navigating Intelligence
Banff workshops Avatar! Avatar! and Interactive Screen
Folsom Street S & M fair
Andy & Merja's Wedding in Vegas

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