Print Your Own Barack Obama Posters

Click on a thumbnail image to see the full-sized poster, then save it and print it out on a (color) printer. Most posters are in PDF format, which can be printed in just about any size. Most print shops can also print directly from PDF files (if you don't have a color printer or want bigger posters). Here are two union print shops:

PDF Files

These files are in PDF format, so they can be printed from Adobe Reader and many other programs (including some browsers).

Artist site:

Some great posters from The Learning Curve site. The "just words" phrase in the first poster is word play on Clinton saying that Obama's speeches are "just words" and the meaning of "just words" as "words that are just and fair" (e.g., the U. S. Constitution).

Artist site:

Download all five in a zip file:

These are a series of posters by Christopher Cox, a graphics artist in Colorado.

From the official Barack Obama site:

Artist site:

A whole lot of posters with different messages on them:

Poster by artist Shepard Fairey.

Artist site:

Lots of Oregon posters, buttons, bumper stickers, etc.

In five different color schemes:


Photos are in JPG format, and I've been able to print them at 8.5 x 11 inches with good results (probably can be printed larger).


A mosaic image of Obama, created out of photos of Obama supporters. Really nice because it works both from a distance (as an image of Obama) and up close (showing all the supporters).

This is a really great site. You type in any short message and it creates a poster for you with your message on it.

The original graphic on the poster is by Shepard Fairey, and is from this site: