Music of The Salomone Trio

Listen to selections from the Salomone Trio's CD: Sacred and Profane.

You will need the free RealAudio player to hear this music. These samples are highly compressed. To hear the original uncompressed stereo versions in all their glory, please buy the CD. Here is a handy order form.

There are two versions of each selection. The streaming version will start playing almost immediately; the number indicates the minimum speed Internet connected required, in kilobits-per-second. The download version, which will download completely before it starts playing, should be used if the streaming version breaks up because your Internet connection is not fast enough. The number indicates the size of the audio file in kilobytes..

The Salomone Trio, Selections from Sacred and Profane 1.  Alleluya Psallat, Worcester fragments [Streaming 16Kbps] [Download 128KB]

3.  Alle, Psallite cum Luya, Montpellier manuscript [Streaming 40Kbps] [Download 203KB]

8.  Ma Bouche Rit, Anon [Streaming 20Kbps] [Download 151KB]

11. Ele Moadei Adonai, Salomone Rossi [Streaming 32Kbps] [Download 299KB]

15. Though Philomela Lost Her Love, Thomas Morley [Streaming 16Kbps] [Download 144KB]

23. Alli en el Midbar, Traditional Sephardic [Streaming 40Kbps] [Download 352KB]

The Salomone Trio are: Marie Costanza, Carol Flamm, and Elissa Weiss.
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