Panoramas of Peru and Ecuador

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View of Arequipa from a mirador.
208k 2805x1724

360 degree view of Arequipa from the mirador.
71k 2233x432

Bridge in Arequipa, built by Gustav Eiffel.
45k 801x384

Mountain pass between Arequipa and Colca, at 4800 meters (15,750 feet).
139k 3210x414

Machu Picchu
115k 2933x524

Temple of the Moon, Machu Picchu.
207k 3369x652

View from Machu Picchu.
44k 1586x437

360 degree view from top of Huayna Picchu.
112k 3149x423

Machu Picchu from Huayna Picchu.
203k 1458x832

Temple of the Sun at Sacsayhuaman.
260k 4149x807

Central Sacsayhuaman.
117k 2255x729

Eastern Sacsayhuaman.
267k 4827x692

Rock slide at Sacsayhuaman (with two Cindys!).
126k 600x1088

Rock slide at Sacsayhuaman (with Wm and Cindy).
127k 596x1090

Fortune telling stones at Qenko.
119k 670x1455

Salt ponds.
156k 1546x692

Quito cathedral.
388k 1032x1808

Market square at Otavalo.
369k 3035x1111

Street vendor in Otavalo.
225k 1818x788

Bellavista cloud forest reserve.
123k 2430x505

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