The Cheap-Suit Santas hit Portland

New photos from the 1998 Santa Rampage.

On Friday, December 13th, 1996, somewhere around 100 Santa Clauses descended on Portland looking for a good time.

Why come to Portland?
What better place to look for reindeer than the city of rain?
What better place to wear red than the city of roses?

Was Portland ready for us? You be the judge.

So you better watch out! Santa Claus is comin' to town!

Is this like herding cats?

Santa Sings Karioke at the Alabi.

Santas sitting on Santa's lap.

Santas on Skates. Watch out, kid!

Santas getting a ride in my van.

Santas on Stage at Satiricon.

Santas get Silly.

Santa's new Sleigh (with official reindeer).

These were the best two cops you could ever want. They let us sit in the back of their squad car -- then they turned up the car stereo and playfully banged their nightsticks on the plexiglass separating the back seat and ordered "Dance Santa, dance!" They even gave us "Junior Crime Fighter" badges and ran their siren and lights for us. They were totally cool.

Too bad I can't say the same for the rest of the Portland Police department. We were confronted by a large group of police in full riot gear outside of Lloyd Center. The police also told downtown merchants that we were going into stores and destroying property (not true!). They don't understand the true meaning of Christmas -- no presents for you from Santa this year!

Other highlights of the weekend:
- dancing the polka with Santa,
- being kissed by Santa,
- a professional stripper performing a strip-tease, surrounded by santas stuffing dollars into her stockings,
- then watching Santa perform a strip-tease,
- watching a Santa covered with small explosives set fire to himself.

Many thanks to all the merchants who did let us into their establishments. Remember, Santa loves you!

Here is a copy of a police memo about us.

Santa Squid has produced an excellent video about the event, which has received rave reviews. Order your copy today!

Photos from last year's event in San Francisco.

Photos from a similar Santa event in Houston, Texas.

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Cheap-Suit Santas, Portland 1996. Photos by Wm Leler.