Fun Stuff

Mad Cows!

The complete interactive guide to how to determine if your cow has "madcow" disease.

Revisionist History, Part 42

The assasination of Lee Harvey Oswald

The musical version

The creator of this masterpiece

1995 Burning Man

Now that it is getting so much attention from the popular press, I've really gotten tired of the whole burning man scene.  But I do have a few cool photographs, so enjoy! WARNING: Some people may find these pictures offensive (as they probably would the Burning Man event itself).

Wedding in Las Vegas

Two friends of mine from Finland trek to Las Vegas to get married, at a drive-in chapel.

Other Photos and sounds

Wm's Photo Albums · new photos added every week or so.

A recording including a friend of mine singing

And last, but not least, a (sad but true) cartoon about the Internet.

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