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8 Jan 2005

Why are we doing this?

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Look for an entry all about why we are going to New Zealand. But not for a few days. We leave tomorrow and are busy packing and getting everything in order here.

By the way, the date on this entry is the 8th, and I told you we are leaving on the 8th. What’s up? Well, I set up the date and time on this blog to match New Zealand. It is already tomorrow there (21 hours ahead of us in Portland). So even though we leave on the 8th, we arrive on the 10th after crossing the international date line.

3 Jan 2005

Going to New Zealand

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We leave for New Zealand on January 8, only a few days away. We are definitely not ready yet — way too much to do.

This has been a very crazy month. Our cat died this morning after a bout with cancer. A few weeks ago Cindy’s ex-husband (and the father of her son) died suddenly. We just had a memorial gathering here on Saturday.

We also had some friends affected by the tsunami in South Asia. Luckily, none of them were hurt, although one had the boat he was living on wrecked. Another friend in Malasia watched from the 15th floor as the wave came in and hit the crowded beach below her. Very sad.

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