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25 May 2019


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Beloved dictator of Yugoslavia is memorialized in Belgrade, Serbia. Some people say things were better when he was there. He carefully played the west and east, while doing his own thing. The joke they told: Tito is in the car and his driver asked if he should go left or right. Tito considers this and says “Signal right then turn left”. We still saw big ugly blocks of apartments (why did communism mean the sacrifice of beauty and color). But Tito only had one home (not 88 lavish palaces like Ceaucescu).

Our young guide (in his 30s) said that in his life, Serbia has changed governments 4 or 5 times. Each time, he would have to redo all paperwork: driver’s license, passport, titles, certificates… and he would have to pay for this change. It is now the Republic of Serbia and he hopes it stays for awhile.

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