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29 Apr 2019

Anatolian Shepherds

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There are dogs everywhere in Turkey. They roam freely, even the ones with owners. And they are huge. Some retrievers, lots of mutts, but mostly Anatolian Shepherds. Gy-normous! They bark and howl all night. Then they flop anywhere and sleep all day. Literally anywhere.

Right across the sidewalk, in the street, blocking doors. Like little toddlers they just collapse wherever. Everyone carefully steps around them so they sleep undisturbed. These amazing beasts are real sheepherders. In South Africa there is a program to stop ranchers from shooting Cheetahs by giving them Anatolian Shepherds. The sleepy dog above has a blue earring tag to show that he has had his rabies shot. For ownerless dogs they are sweet, love a good pet and give those beautiful doe eyes for a snack. Hard to resist!

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