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12 Jan 2008

Buenos Aires

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Spent two nights in Buenos Aires, where it was HOT!  We aren’t sure, but the word is it was over 105 degrees!  Nevertheless, we managed to walk around town a bit, eat empanadas, and of course eat a huge argentine steak.  They have the best beef here!  We even had a hamburger, and it was amazing, like no other hamburger you have ever had.  I should mention that we ate it at a 5 star hotel (the only one in latin america).

It took us no time at all to get into the Argentine sense of time.  They don’t eat dinner here until around 11pm (even full families eat then), then usually go dancing until all hours.  Our second day here we slept until noon (but that might have been more about the red-eye flight we took the night before).

Then a bit of luck.  As we were leaving on our trip, the belt buckle on my money belt broke.  This is a nylon webbing belt with a plastic buckle, but it is handy as it also holds money.  But Argentina is known for leather goods, and we found a great leather money belt for about the same amount of money I paid for the crappy nylon one that broke. A nice coincidence.

Walked down to the Rio Plata, which is so wide you can barely see the other side of it, even though we are 300 km from the ocean.

Unfortunately, we never did find the time to dance the tango.  Oh well, maybe later in the trip.

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