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2 Apr 2005

Chinese Food!

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I seem to be on a food kick lately. Probably because I’ve been working too hard. But tonight we ate at a Northern Chinese restaurant in Wellington. It was a rather modest place — not quite a hole in the wall, but nothing fancy either. We found it in a local guide book, which said it was the best Chinese food in Wellington. We agreed. In fact, it was one of the best Chinese meals we’ve had outside of China. They also had messages handwritten (taped to the window, in the menu, etc.) by people who eat there — including the Chinese ambassador to NZ, Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings), and lots of other famous people.

When we were in China a year ago, I kept asking in restaurants in various cities if they could make moo-shu pork. Never did find it, and we finally decided that like chop suey and other dishes, it wasn’t really chinese, it was invented in the US. So I was surprised that this Chinese restaurant in NZ had “moo-shi delight,” which was fairly similar to moo-shu. Well, except for it was made with chicken and shrimp instead of pork (at my request they left out the shrimp, since I’m allergic). And the pancakes were the size of peking duck pancakes (about 3 inches or so in diameter), not the tortilla sized pancakes that normally come with moo-shu pork. But it was served with hoisin sauce (like moo-shu pork). It was totally delicious.

I continue to be very impressed with the food in NZ.

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  1. Geez, you’re making me hungry for moo-shu. I suspect it may be regional. I’ll have to ask Karen’s family. I’ve always had it with the smaller tortillas, never new of another way.

    Now, you’ve finally mentioned the work word. What are you doing for work, anyway. I’ve been curious for a while.

    I’m really enjoying your blog. Great info!

    Comment by Randy King — 3 Apr 2005 @ 4:27 am

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