Travel in the 21st Century

a romantic breakfast in Ephesus

We have traveled a lot in our life together. The tools of the trade used to be large volumes of Lonely Planet and Rough Guides, tiny paper maps, and a lot of luck. We would usually stay in hostels so we could meet other travelers and learn where to go and where to eat.

Now Wm spends a great deal of time studying on the computer. TripAdvisor is a huge resource with review after review of the pros and cons of hotels, and luscious descriptions of yummy places to eat. It is all about “online” and when the internet goes down we have to remember how to walk around, how to look and try things, how to ask real people for help.

I am the hanger-on, the idler, the flâneuse. He is the busy determined guide, the historian, the navigator. He studies, I drink tea & read novels. I am very grateful that he loves me!

3 thoughts on “Travel in the 21st Century”

  1. La flâneuse can be the title of your next book! You two are the perfect combination of complementing qualities.

  2. That is our problem! We need a Wm to do the planning for us. We both want to be the flâneuse (or flâneuse and flâneur, to be gender appropriate).

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